Rucker Lake, Tahoe National Forest
Petaluma at sunrise
Purcell Mountains, British Columbia
Craig makes coffee while camping in Tahoe National Forest.
Petaluma at sunrise
Talus Lake, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon
Climbers on Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Executive Summary


Hire me for these types of photos:

  • Editorial
  • Lifestyle
  • Portraits


I have experience writing and reporting on:

  • Outdoor/Adventure/Travel
  • Science
  • Profiles


I’m Madison. Here in San Francisco, I manage the Field Scout photography program at Hipcamp and try to be outdoors/in the company of dogs as often as possible.

I figured I’d score an eternity outside by getting a BSc in Coastal Geography at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, which didn’t exactly happen (other than a brief career tree planting up north, followed by stint in disaster relief photography.) But it gave me a great understanding of statistics and physical science, which is endlessly helpful in the outdoor industry. Plus, I know the difference between pingos, yardangs, and hoodoos.

Wouldn’t those be fantastic dog names?

I have two dogs, but I unabashedly favor one. We adopted her for 50 bucks from some Mennonites and she can catch anything that remotely resembles food, despite missing a canine tooth. She’s incredibly anxious and a poor physical specimen otherwise. The good-looking one is a rejected therapy dog with a complete lack of fear and an inexplicable affinity for irrigation tubing. Watch him sleep if you want to know what rigor mortis looks like.

Or maybe you don’t like watching dogs and you’re a cat person. I’d still love to work with you, so shoot me a message.

Madison Kotack | Photographer | Digital Marketing | San Francisco


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